Maryland Beef & Poultry 

Bluebird Meadows

Supplier of Poultry, Hogs, Ducks and Eggs

Contact Person:            Lamar and Judy Gehman

Location:                       39922 Williams Farm Lane                

                                        PO Box 166

                                        Loveville, MD  20656

Phone Number:             (301) 475-5111        


Full Circle Farm  

Chicken, eggs, Thanksgiving turkeys, beef and pork

Our chickens and pigs are fed our custom-blended feed with no antibiotics, hormones, growth stimulants or chemicals.  Beef cut to specification.

Contact Person:            Peggy and Kevin Oyarzo

Location:                       PO Box 97

                                        Tuscarora MD 21790

Phone Number:             (301) 874-3427



Hedgeapple Farm

Beef Producer

All animals are born and raised on the farm.  No growth implants used or antibiotics fed.  All animals are raised in conditions using practices recommended by the American Humane Association.  Hedgeapple Farm is a tax-exempt beef research and education foundation facility operated for the benefit of Maryland Beef Producers. 

Contact Person:            Ryan Barst (Farm Manager)

Location:                       3735 Buckeystown Pike

                                        PO Box 237

                                        Buckeystown MD  21717

Phone Number:             (301) 662-7638



Holterholm Farms

Produces pasture-finished beef from Jersey and Jersey/Angus crosses.  No antibiotics or hormones are used.

Contact Person:            Ron and Kathy Holter

Location:                       5619A Holter Rd.

                                        Jefferson MD  21755-8508

Phone Number:             (301) 371-4255




Jehovah-Jireh Farm  

Pasture-raised chickens, eggs, turkey, veal and lamb

In addition to pasture, we feed the poultry certified organic feed.  A farm newsletter with ordering information is available.  We are approximately one hour from Washington DC or Baltimore, and 30 minutes from Rockville, Gaithersburg, and Frederick MD.  We are 3 miles from White’s Ferry across the Potomac River from Leesburg, VA.  

Contact Person:            Myron and Cathy Horst  

Location:                       19815 Martinsburg Rd.

                                        Dickerson MD 20842

Phone Number:             (301) 349-4721




Nick’s Organic Farm

We cooperate with USDA’s Agricultural Research Service to breed and manage our herd organically so that it has maximum natural resistance to disease without the use of synthetic chemicals.  Our organic beef are never fed grain, hormones, or antibiotics.  We sell whole, half, split halves, and smaller quantities.  Soon, we hope to offer specific cuts.  Our beef is aged over two weeks, and it is cut and frozen in a USDA inspected facility.

Contact Person:            Nick Maravell        

                                        8565 Horseshoe Lane

                                        Potomac MD  20854

Location:                       2733 Buckeystown Pike

                                        Adamstown MD  21710 

Phone Number:             (301) 983-2167 (main office)

                                        (301) 874-3168


Ruth Ann’s Garden Style Beef

The beef is dry-aged a minimum of two weeks, then vacuum-packed in clear plastic and quickly frozen.   This 130-acre “all grass” farm is an hour from Washington DC or Baltimore and 20 minutes from Frederick.  

Contact Person:            Ruth Ann and Steve Derrenbacher

Location:                       11051 Renner Rd.

                                        Woodsboro  MD  21798

Phone Number:             (301) 898-7006



West Wind Farm

Our Black Angus steers are finished for 5-6 months on our farm’s rich grass and clover pastures, supplemented only with a natural kelp mineral mix.  We feed no hormones, antibiotics, steroids, animal byproducts, GM feeds or grain.

Contact Person:            Martha Holdridge   



Phone Number:             (301) 229-2813