Northern Virginia Beef and Poultry


Big Oak Angus Beef

Pasture-raised and free of chemicals.  The animals are processed at a younger age than conventional beef to ensure their tenderness.

Contact Person:            Jerry Smith Family

Location:                       Riner, VA

Phone Number:             (540)382-7284  

Big R Farm

Family has been raising our own meat and eggs for over a year now.  This is something we do to help out families wishing to live and eat healthier, and are not looking to become a big business operation.

Location:                       PO Box 511

                                        Moneta VA  24121



The Bright Farm

Farm has pastured chickens and turkeys, pork and eggs from free-range hens.  The beef is available in whole, halves, and split halves (quarters) and is sold by hanging weight.

Contact Person:            Larry and Debby Bright

Location:                       794 Spangler Mill Rd.  NE

                                        Floyd VA  24091      

Phone Number:             (540) 745-5790


Cedar Ridge Farm

Small family farm that practices sustainable agriculture.  Offers pastured poultry and grass-fed beef.

Contact Person:            Kendall Harris

Location:                       3237 Vicker Switch Rd.

                                        Christiansburg VA  24073

Phone Number:             (540) 382-1482


Drinking Swamp Farm  

“Our animals are members of our extended family and they are pampered and spoiled rotten.  We believe in honoring them because the gifts that they give us dictate an exchange of love.”   

Also offer a variety of cheeses. 

Contact Person:            Bob Stolman/Jeff Brooks

Location:                       PO Box 57

                                        430 Blues Lane

                                        Haynesville, VA  22472

Phone Number:             (804) 394-3508




Heartland Harvest

Heartland Harvest offers a wide variety of products, including pastured beef, pork, lamb, turkeys, chickens, and also eggs from free-range hens.

Contact Person:            James and Miriam Showalter

Location:                       85 Curry Road

                                        Mt. Solon, VA  22843

Phone Number:             (540) 885-7172

                                        (540) 885-3133


Majesty Farm

Small, family-owned farm dedicated to providing fresh healthfully raised foods from a perspective of sustainable local agriculture.  We have a herd of mixed beef and dairy cattle, and a herd of mixed dairy and meat goats.  

Contact Person:            Kathryn Russell

Location:                       3539 Red Hill School Road

                                        North Garden, VA  22959 (Just South of Charlottesville)

Phone Number:             (434) 293-5514




Meadow Creek Dairy

Produces various dairy products including cheese.

“Our only crop is grass.  We are therefore able to provide excellent nutrition for our herd while improving the health and fertility of our land.”

Contact Person:            The Feete family

Location:                       6380 Meadow Creek Road

                                        Galax, VA  24333




Smithfresh Free Range Meats

Farm offers grass-raised beef, veal, chicken, pork and goat.  Pastured poultry eggs are also available at the farm and at the markets listed below in the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Contact Person:            Forrest or Nancy Pritchard

Location:                       568 Smithfield Lane

                                        Berryville, VA  22611

Phone Number:             (877) 955-4389