Northern Virginia Microbreweries and Brew Pubs


Bardo Rodeo

Bardo Rodeo is an award winning brewpub that serves numerous different specialty beers.  Some of these beers have very distinctive tastes as well as extraordinarily high alcohol content.

Location:                   2001 Clarendon Blvd.

                                    Arlington, VA  22201

Phone Number:          (703) 527-9399

Fax Number:              (703) 516-4705



 Birchmere is a microbrewery and brewpub. 

  Location:                   3701 Mount Vernon Avenue

                                    Alexandria, VA  22305

Phone Number:          (703) 549-7500


Capitol City Brewing Company  

This chain of brewpubs is known for it’s trademark ales, lagers, and pilsners.  This was the first brewpub to open in the D.C. area since the end of prohibition.  Since then it has made a name for itself by offering quality micro brewed beer and reasonable food throughout the nations’ capitol.


Location:                   2700 S. Quincy Street

                                    Arlington, VA  22206

Phone Number:          (703) 578-3888



Old Dominion Brewing Company


Old Dominion Brewing Company has served the Mid-Atlantic States since 1990.  This brewing company brews some f the best local beers that this region has seen.  It specializes in everything from dark stouts to pale ales.  

Location:                   44633 Guilford Drive

                                    Ashburn, VA  20147

Phone Number:          (703) 724-9100

Fax Number:              (703) 729-6717



Potomac River Brewing Company 

Potomac River Brewing Company is a Microbrewery.   

Location:                   14141 Parke Long Ct., Suite A

                                    Chantilly, VA

Phone Number:          (703) 631-5430


Shenandoah Brewing Company 

Shenandoah is a Brew-On-Premise microbrewery.  You are provided with all the necessary ingredients, an instructor, and Shenandoah’s guarantee that you’ll brew your own beer to perfection.  

Location:                   652 S. Pickett Street

                                    Alexandria, VA  22034

Phone Number:          (703) 823-9508

Fax Number:              (703) 461-3531



Sweetwater Tavern & Brewery 

Sweetwater Tavern and Brewery is a Brewpub.  It offers many different styles of beers.  Some are annual and others seasonal.  They have been reviewed online.  

Location:                   4401 Middle Ridge Drive

                                    Fairfax, VA  22033

Phone Number:          (703) 449-1100

Fax Number:              (703) 449-1108



Sweetwater Tavern & Brewery #2 

Sweetwater Tavern and Brewery is a Brewpub.  It offers many different styles of beers.  Some are annual and others seasonal.  They have been reviewed online. 

Location:                   3066 Gatehouse Plaza

                                    Merrifield, VA  22042

Phone Number:          (703) 645-8100

Fax Number:              (703) 645-8108



Virginia Beverage Company 

Virginia Beverage Company is a brewpub in Old Town, Alexandria.   

Location:                   607 King St.

                                    Alexandria, VA  22314

Phone Number:          (703) 684-5397


Williamsville Brewery

 Located in beautiful Ashland, Virginia, this microbrewery brews excellent beer and serves well the Ashland community.

 Location:                   11034 Lakeridge Parkway, Suite 1

                                    Ashland, VA  23005

Phone Number:          (804) 550-0532

Fax Number:              (804) 550-0556